Read. Reflect. Reveal. Repeat.

Dear Reader,

The premise of this project is fairly simple. We want to de-ghettoize geekdom – indeed – we want to globalize it!

We believe many ordinary people want to pursue the life of the mind through regular reading, reflection, and creative writing. However, it is difficult to stay motivated in the relatively shallow and hopelessly distracting environment that is modernity. This project aims to make that effort a little bit easier to bear while striking the right balance between self-motivation and social reinforcement.

Beyond this, the level of discourse that most people have access to is tragically prejudicial and polemicized. While the academy offers a much more robust discourse marked by openness, rigor, charity, and intellectual humility – it is (for a variety of reasons) not always accessible to those outside of the guild.

We hope to bring something of that kind of conversation to ordinary people. This represents an opportunity to make your private studies public and benefit from others taking the same risk. There are no schedules, time tables, quotas, assignments, thematic (or even formatting) requirements. In short, no expectations of any kind. Just you reading, reflecting, and revealing your insights to a community doing the same.

You can remain anonymous or use your own name when publishing but postings on the site are anonymized by default. However, you are welcome to sign your work in the post itself if you choose (absolute anonymity will require a pseudonym, as your username will display on hyper-links posted to some outside sites / platforms). We truly desire to be as frictionless as possible, as we seek to reflect something of the profound diversity of thought that characterizes the human experience itself.

If you are interested in participating in this experiment, simply fill out the form and you will receive an invitation from WordPress with further (minimal) instructions: